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October 23, 2005

Here at Mike Mariano dot WordPress dot com, we will dedicate ourselves to the behind the scenes operations at Mike Mariano dot com, my site for theatre and playwriting.

The current theme at my site is a heavily modified version of equiX by Marcos Sader. I chose Sader’s theme for one main reason:

equiX respects the single entry.

What I loved the most about the Kubrick theme is that it recognized how simple a single, permalinked weblog entry should be. On it is the entry, its metadata and comments, and navigation to only the next and previous entries. No monthly calendar, no brief biography, nothing. We readers have seen it already. And even if we have never been to the site and want to plunder the archives, we will start with the main weblog page, to which there is always a link. equiX continued this understanding started by Kubrick.

This may not seem like much, but countless other themes make their single entry pages look just like the main weblog. This is far too busy; it drowns readers in information they’ve already read. Nearly all of the current themes make this mistake.

I chose equiX over Kubrick because of the color scheme and the top navigation. Then I added a new picture, increased the font size, and gutted a lot of the code. I like the look, but lingering doubts make me want to redesign again. Horray!

PS: These themes are really really sloppy work! The Green MarinĂ©e theme is the worst offender. It has hard-coded the word “the” to the beginning of the date. If you keep the default date display in your Options, you get awful phrases like “Posted by Mike on the October 23nd, 2005.” Unacceptable!