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IE 7 First Look!

May 2, 2007

Only months after…everyone on the planet!

Upon receiving a new computer at work, I began an endless series of Windows Updates, reboots, and click-through agreements. One of these updates was for long-awaited web browser Internet Explorer 7.

After installing a Genuine Advantage (?) agreement filled with hostile language, Windows Update began downloading and installing other important Windows components. As it began to install Internet Explorer, I got my first glimpse of the revised browser. Click for the full damage:

An Internet Explorer introductory screen with mangled text.

I’m excited already!

Granted, this wasn’t a completely clean machine. A previous user of the computer changed the Windows DPI settings, and I assume this preference led to this hideous display. Even so, I fail to see how IE7 earns its golden ring.

Don’t worry. I did comprehensive testing of IE7. After re-re-visiting Windows Update, I went to the first and last site anyone needs to visit in Internet Explorer.