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The Schmaily Schmow

March 24, 2007

As presented in Internet time!

A self-parody of The Daily Show: The Schmaily Schmow.

Thursday night The Daily Show did a segment on the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit!

Inevitably, it went up on YouTube yesterday!

Inevitably, the video got removed today. Somebody at Viacom Legal is working weekends!

And here’s the parody LiveJournal. Perhaps it will someday have original humor.

Meanwhile, my own post is already outdated. Enjoy!

Twitter Roulette

March 16, 2007

It’s time to play Twitter Roulette!

  1. Make your way to the Twitter front page. (Or if you’re already a member, the Public Timeline.)
  2. Scan it for SPOILERS!
  3. If there are none, refresh the page.
  4. Repeat until you have refreshed a preset number of times or until somebody spoils that Battlestar Galactica episode you haven’t watched yet.

It worked for me!

A Battlestar Galactica spoiler in the Twitter Public Timeline.