Feed, Rinse, Repeat

Cory Doctorow nails it:

I can understand that certain keywords should never show up in my RSS reader, while others should always show up. It’s about time that my computer can be instructed to do the grunt work of checking to make sure that the stuff I know I hate and the stuff I know I love go into the right hoppers.

I called this the concept of Weed and Feed. Doctorow is praising a service called Feed Rinse, which allows you to “automatically filter out syndicated content that you aren’t interested in.” Doctorow and I both feel this capability is long overdue.

Is this the job of an outside service, though, and not the job of your own personal reader? Of course it is—an up-and-running service beats an imaginary weed-and-feed reader any day.

It’s time to sign up for Feed Rinse. Worry about pricing nightmares and possible XML transformation problems later! Someone is finally willing to do the job Live Bookmarks, Bloglines, Gregarius, Planet, etc. should have been doing all along.


2 Responses to “Feed, Rinse, Repeat”

  1. Sam Ruby Says:

    Perhaps Planet needs to document it’s filter and exclude functionality? Better yet, perhaps Planet needs documentation, huh?

  2. Mike Mariano Says:

    Planet can filter its incoming feeds? For entries relevant to the Planet at hand? You’d never know that by visiting Planet Mozilla, etc….

    Thanks for the information, Sam!

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