Atom All-Stars!

Need to do some one-stop Atom shopping? Lucky for you Planet Atom is open for business!

As expected of “planet” sites, Planet Atom collects and consolidates the individual feeds of Atom-minded gurus. It isn’t yet very pretty, but so what? A “planet” site is for feed funneling, and Planet Atom does it very well.

That might not be apparent on first glance. Doing a view-source on the Planet Atom feed reveals thousands of lines of whitespace! Yikes!

But look at all the well-behaved XML! Look at the preserved entry ids! Apart from the weird <a shape="rect"> in everyone’s atom:content, things look hunky-dory.

I wish Planet Atom as a site did a little bit more with its feed content. In particular, feed entries are coming in with different category schemes. It would be nice to see this information on the site.

Beyond categorization, Planet Atom might benefit from some editorial oversight. Like many “planets”, Planet Atom takes every entry from every participant, whether or not the entry fits the topic. Currently (using the Friday afternoon update) eleven entries out of 40 mention Atom. Only 11 out of 40? Not exactly “A fusion of atom-related news.” Heaven knows what plantetary damage this is causing Phil Ringnalda.

Perhaps the scope of Planet Atom will be limited, but their list of contributed feeds doesn’t suggest it.

Wait; let’s take a closer look at these contributors:

Mark Pilgrim

Could it be? The return of Mark Pilgrim? Or is this just wishful thinking?

I’m inclined to think the latter, no matter how much I enjoy his rhetorical flourishes. I even enjoyed the few entries on his IBM blog following his main weblog shutdown.

Apparently, though, there are Pilgrim-watchers more rabid than me. Last week a mailing list message by Pilgrim inspired a flurry of links. And I thought bloggers only linked to other blogs!

I half-expect that on my next visit to the Mariano estate, I’ll pass throught the greater Raleigh area to find that Pilgrim has stapled Yard Sale flyers on various telephone poles. The flyers will be surrounded by frenzied Pilgrim fans.

With devotees like these, who needs a planet site?


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