Our Feeds, Ourselves

On January 5, Nikolas Coukouma made what appeared to be the final adjustments to a patch for WordPress that would allow it to generate Atom 1.0.

The experience drove him insane.

Or, more accurately, Coukouma was so disgusted that he summed up all his hard work with the sentence, “I never want to look at WordPress again.”

By the way, what happened to his hard work? According to Trac, Coukouma’s patch is sitting right where he left it, with no discussion or integration with any future version of WordPress.

That’s a shame, because the patch addresses all the shortcomings I could spot, not that a non-programmer playwright/blogger is someone you want auditing your code. If the patch works as advertised, what’s the hold-up? Do the WordPress developers not like their XHTML sent as escaped HTML in the feed? Do they not like that the patch removes Atom 0.3?

Or is it something else entirely? Some in the WordPress community are looking at the tool’s other feeds, and think it might be time for RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.92 to walk the plank. Lording over the fates of two feed formats is a lot more fun than making sure another one works as expected.

Luckily Owen Winkler is trying to pull back from this feed deathmatch. WordPress needs to handle comments, categories, and permanent links in a consistent way, regardless of the feeds it produces. Winkler is talking about the next generation of WordPress, while Coukouma’s patch only updates the existing Atom 0.3 template (for example, the patch does not create an Atom Comments Feed).

So, should WordPress’s Atom template be updated now? Or should everything feed related be completely redone later? Why can’t we do both?


One Response to “Our Feeds, Ourselves”

  1. owen Says:

    I only just applied his Atom 1.0 patch to one of my own blogs, since I hadn’t noticed it added to the system until this RDF business started up. I would love to see a short-term solution to the Atom 1.0 problem, and I would love even more if people with NikolasCo’s vision started continued to share their insight with the community.

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