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Atom 1.0: Low Priority

November 16, 2005

Did anyone else see what happened Sunday on the WordPress Atom 1.0 ticket?

Ticket #1526: Have wp-atom.php generate Atom 1.0

Sun Nov 13 02:33:32 2005: Modified by matt

  • milestone changed from 1.6 to 2.1
  • priority changed from high to low

Atom 1.0, meet the back burner.

Back in July, Mullenweg said, “It looks like WordPress is going to continue supporting 0.3 while adding 1.0 support.” That’s not what it looks like now. It’s a shame when you consider Sam Ruby’s wishes….

By the time Longhorn comes out, I have every intent to make Atom 0.3 feeds as rare as Atom 0.2 feeds are now; which is to say, practically non-existent.

Instead Sam’s worst fears are coming true. When hungry baby Longhorn finally emerges from the shell, WordPress 1.6 will be cramming Atom 0.3 feeds down its throat. Microsoft is going to have to let it digest them.

In the meantime I’ll keep watching Atom/WordPress mavericks such as Ben de Groot and Matthew Gertner, who both have valid Atom 1.0 feeds—as long as you don’t look at them sideways. (The feed level IDs and rel="self"s are hard-wired to the main feed, making category feeds and others slightly incorrect.) I’d also like to see what the dissatisfied Phil Ringnalda comes up with.

But any maverick solutions will only help out our own mikemariano dot com. Here at mikemariano dot WordPress dot com, it’s Atom 0.3 until 2007!

Weed and Feed

November 5, 2005

Phil Ringnalda yesterday questioned the usefulness of omnibus “Planet” feeds. To do his part, he has decided to feed Planet Mozilla a finely-tuned subcategory of his Mozilla writings.

But why should Phil have to do all the work? A subscriber to all things Mozilla should expect the Planet feed to contain all things Mozilla, even when people repeat themselves.

So how do readers manage such large feeds? The work has to come at the feed reader level. Let readers custom filter their feeds and Planets will become a lot more useful.

For months Greasemonkey has allowed us to remove Xeni Jardin’s entries from Boing Boing directly on their web page. Why can’t we do the same for the Boing Boing feed? I have yet to see a feed reader that would allow us to set up a simple de-Xenifying rule.

People want this customization; The New York Times offers a feed creator that allows readers to choose multiple news departments for a single feed. This creates hundreds of combinations, hundreds of feeds filled with the same information. Why not feed it all and let the reader sort em out?

The Village Voice supplies an Arts section feed. They’ve already narrowed it down this far, but I, the cranky, impatient reader, only want to read theatre articles. Should I badger them to create a theatre only feed? Or should I ask my feed reader to Display Only entries that contain theater in the guid?

If someone out there knows a feed reader that can do the latter, tell me. Then let the weeding begin.